It is possible you have been in a situation where you believe you were being provoked by another party, whether it was verbally or physically, and feared for your safety. Sometimes, that feeling of fear escalates into a physical altercation where you believed you were defending yourself from potential harm. In some instances, however, the person you believed you were defending yourself against may see things differently and accuse you of assaulting them. The subjective nature of an assault charge can make matters complicated in court. Speaking to a criminal defense attorney can provide you with the best opportunity to defend your actions in court and clear you of any malicious offenses.

What is Considered Self-Defense?

Self-defense may require you to use physical force against another party that is attempting to use physical force against you. The complications that occur when using self-defense stem from the grey area surrounding what justifies the use of force against someone else in defense. For instance, you may be justified to use self-defense if someone is verbally threatening you and begins to approach you. Although the other person has no made physical contact with you, the circumstances may point to harm coming your way. However, it is possible to misinterpret aggressive actions, making the line between assault and self-defense very thin. Understanding self-defense laws and scenarios are a strength for Family law attorneys. Having a criminal defense attorney on your side to defend your assault charge can be very beneficial for the outcome of your case.

What are the Chances I Win My Case by Claiming Self-Defense?

Claiming self-defense can be complicated due to the subjective nature of the accounts by the plaintiff and the defendant. Finger-pointing and contentious arguments can paint an unclear picture if the case is taken to court. However, in Tarrant County, self-defense can be seen as a significant right a person has. Self-defense laws in Texas extend further than most. This alone may not guarantee a victory in court, but arming yourself with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer may help your chances even more.

Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Help in Self-Defense Cases?

If you believe you were acting in self-defense but were charged with assault, your best defense in court may start with an experienced defense attorney. Hardy Law Group, PLLC can take all the facts into consideration and help you build a strong case to defend yourself again – in court. You deserve justice as much as anyone. Hardy Law Group, PLLC can make sure you receive a proper hearing of your charges. Call (817) 222-0000 to set up your free consultation with Hardy Law Group, PLLC today.