Romantic relationships can be one of the most exciting prospects in your life. When you find a person that makes you feel a certain way, it can be difficult to let anything get in the way of that. However, when you begin to consider the age of certain people in romantic relationships, laws protecting the rights of children can interfere with a relationship you may have, even if it is consensual. If you engage in sexual activity with someone who is under the age of 18 and you are more than three years older than your significant other, you may be liable for statutory rape. If you’re concerned about a statutory rape charge or the prospects of being charged for one, contact a Tarrant County sex crimes attorney to guide you through any legal issues or concerns you may have.

What if the Sexual Encounters with My Partner are Consensual?

Many laws, including sex crimes, may have some discrepancies or caveats that can either further incriminate you or absolve you from any wrongdoing. In the case of statutory rape, this remains the case. It is important to know that if you are sexually active with someone at least three years your minor, and the sexual relationship is consensual, you may face charges of statutory rape. Statutory rape, depending on the circumstances, can be considered a sexual assault charge, and the legal ramifications could be severe. If you have been charged with statutory rape, seeking guidance from an experienced sex crimes lawyer can help you reduce your charges or get your charges dropped entirely.

Why are Sexual Relations with a 17-Year Old Considered Statutory Rape?

If you have been charged with statutory rape, you may be wondering why, especially if your sexual relations with the victim have been consensual and they are 17-years old. While a 17-year old may be physically capable of providing consent to a sexual relationship with someone who is at least three years older than them, a 17-year old does not legally possess the ability to give informed sexual consent. While you may think maturity varies from person to person, the law dictates otherwise. If you are unsure if your statutory rape charge is justified, reach out to a Tarrant County sex crimes attorney for proper legal guidance in your case.

Can A Sex Crimes Attorney Get My Charges Dropped?

A statutory rape charge can be devastating for the prospects of getting a new job or even getting approved for various loans or applications. The negative impact of a statutory rape charge can be enough to derail your life. If you believe you are not guilty of your charges, consult with an experienced Family law attorney, from Hardy Law Group, PLLC. You can reach Hardy Law Group, PLLC at (817) 222-0000for a free consultation that will give you the reassurance that you are not guilty of any crime until you have had your day in court.