While a good amount of drug crimes across Tarrant County involve the possession of a controlled substance or driving while intoxicated, other drug crimes exist that may threaten you with legal actions. A lesser-known drug crime called possession of drug paraphernalia can do significant damage to your wallet, your reputation, and your life. Possessing drug paraphernalia means being in possession of a piece of equipment or tool that is used to smoke, ingest, manufacture, grow, and store drugs. It is possible that you were unaware that something in your possession was considered drug paraphernalia, and therefore you may be innocent if you were charged for possessing drug paraphernalia. Obtaining a knowledgeable drug charge attorney may help you sift through your situation and help you avoid a conviction.

What are the Most Common Pieces of Drug Paraphernalia?

Drugs and drug paraphernalia are sometimes inseparable. If you are in possession of drugs, it is possible you are also in possession of drug paraphernalia. While the penalties for having drug paraphernalia in your possession are far less severe than being in possession of a controlled substance, the consequences may still affect you significantly. You may be surprised what could be considered drug paraphernalia in certain circumstances. A list of tools that may be drug paraphernalia includes:

  • Rolling papers
  • Bongs
  • Hookahs
  • Grinders
  • Spoons

What If I Used My Drug Paraphernalia Legally?

Sometimes, the law makes mistakes, especially when the circumstances depend on the subjective view of an officer. You may be wondering how a spoon could be considered drug paraphernalia. Depending on where and how the spoon is found can dictate whether an officer will charge you with possession of drug paraphernalia. Some paraphernalia, like rolling papers, is often used with tobacco, which is completely legal. Hookahs and bongs are also meant for ingesting tobacco products and are lawful to possess. If you think you have been wrongfully charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a Tarrant County drug attorney can help you fight your case and get you off the hook.

Can a Tarrant County DWI Lawyer Help My Chances of Winning My Case?

While far less serious than other charges, on its own, possessing drug paraphernalia could be a life-altering offense. If you are convicted, your drug paraphernalia charge may appear on your background check. Many employers conduct background checks to make sure their prospective employees have a clean record. Having a blemish on your record may keep you from getting a job. A criminal defense law firm like Hardy Law Group, PLLC fights to have your rights defended in court. Hardy Law Group, PLLC gives free consultations to make sure anyone in need of assistance has the information they need to succeed in court. Call Hardy Law Group, PLLC at (817) 222-0000and book a free consultation as soon as possible.