For many people living in society today, sex crimes can be considered one of the most frowned upon crimes someone could commit. Being charged with a sex crime carries not only potentially severe legal penalties but can carry many consequences that affect your daily life, including being a social outcast. Sexual assault is considered by many to be one of the most troubling crimes that can be committed today. If you have found yourself charged with sexual assault, it is important to seek legal help as soon as you can. By exploring your legal options with an experienced sex crimes lawyer in Tarrant County, you may have a chance to have your sentence reduced in court or have your case dropped altogether.

What is Considered Sexual Assault in Tarrant County?

Sex crimes are wide-ranging and may vary from mild offenses to severe crimes. Sexual assault tends to lean towards the more severe side of sex crimes. The more severe the sexual assault charge is, the more likely it is you will receive a harsh punishment if convicted. Under Texas Law, sexual assault occurs when unwanted, or non-consensual, sexual contact involving penetration happens. Accusations of sexual assault, especially during these contentious times, are not taken lightly by authorities. A sexual assault accusation without evidence may be enough to lead to a charge against you. Having the proper sex crimes attorney by your side can reinforce your defense and help you battle any sexual assault charge levied against you.

What If My Accuser and I Were Under the Influence During Our Sexual Encounter?

Sometimes, alcohol or drugs play a role in what is deemed a sexual assault or not. It is not uncommon for two parties to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while engaging in sexual activities. The role of alcohol and drugs may be especially prevalent among younger, college-aged people. The way alcohol and drugs lower inhibitions can complicate the matter of consent during a sexual encounter. One party may believe they have consented to proceed in a sexual encounter while the other party may see it differently. It can be hard to tell what was right or wrong if drugs and alcohol played a factor. Consulting a sex crimes lawyer may help you argue your case of consent in court.

Will A Lawyer Give Me a Fair Chance of Fighting My Sexual Assault Charge?

A sexual assault charge can be difficult to have hanging over your head. Even prior to any hearings, a sexual assault charge can prevent you from obtaining a new job and can have effects on your social status. Experienced sex crimes lawyers from Hardy Law Group, PLLC are ready to explore all the avenues you may have with your case.