The deterioration of a marriage can be an emotionally and mentally draining process. Attempting to piece together what steps you have to take to move on from a contentious marriage can be difficult with all your marital problems and other obligations weighing you down. Figuring out where to start in the divorce process can be problematic without legal counsel. Contacting an experienced Tarrant County divorce lawyer will not only aid you in figuring out how to kickstart your divorce proceedings, but it can help you understand what will be required of you throughout the entire process.

Do I Need to Talk to My Spouse About the Divorce?

Being in an unhealthy, highly volatile situation with a spouse can be problematic. While some couples stay together and attempt to work out their differences, others opt to start fresh by filing for divorce. One of the first steps in the divorce process is talking with your spouse about the possibility of divorce. By doing this, you may avoid a contested divorce which can take a long time to settle in court. Talking to your spouse, however difficult it may be, can help your process by laying the groundwork for dividing property and assets and child custody.

While openly talking to your spouse about the divorce seems productive in theory, it may be unfeasible for you to do so if your relationship has broken down to the point where communication is no longer viable. Situations like these may lead to contested divorces. You may still file for divorce without telling your spouse, but they will be notified by a designated server informing them of your decision. Reaching out to a divorce attorney and explaining your situation to them will help your Family law attorney understands the dynamics of the relationship and give you advice as to how you should proceed with your first steps.

Can Mediation Help my Divorce Process?

One of the first steps you may want to explore in your divorce may be seeking mediation. Divorce mediation involves a third-party with no affiliation with either spouse in the divorce that helps each side come to a mutual agreement about issues pertaining to their divorce. The mediation process can be helpful because it is typically a breezier process than standard litigation. Mediation takes place outside the confines of a court which can allow both sides to normalize their situation and be more productive towards finding common ground. Having a Tarrant County divorce attorney with you during mediation can help you when it comes time to negotiate important issues such as child custody and visitation rights and the division of property.

What Should I Do Now?

Like many difficult tasks in life, getting started can be one of the hang-ups in the divorce process. Not knowing what to do or how to effectively move forward is something a lot of people going through divorce deal with. Divorce attorneys from Hardy Law Group, PLLC can alleviate your doubts and jump start your process with helpful advice and guidance. You do not have to be alone during this process.