Like any other aspect, visitation agreements can be agreed to between the parties or decided by the court. A visitation agreement or possession schedule gives a possessory conservator the right to take possession of the children, according to an agreed upon schedule. The particulars of the agreement, such as where and when to pick up and drop off the children, will be spelled out in that possession schedule. A party, whether they’re the primary or the possessory conservator, is guaranteed possession on certain dates. That conservator can give up his or her time with the children but cannot prevent the other parent from possession of the children during the parent’s time.

A parent who wrongfully withholds the children from the other parent is subject to an enforcement action and other sanctions. Many visitation agreements follow the standard possession order out of the Texas Family Code. That is generally the first, third, and fifth weekend of every month, certain holidays, a large portion of summertime, and other days, such as Father’s day, Mother’s Day, Easter, and other holidays. Parents can also agree to split time with the children on a 50/50 schedule. Usually, this means week on, week off or some kind of schedule that results in equal time. Parents can be creative and come up with a schedule that makes sense for them and fits into their situation.

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