The toll for battling a child custody case can be painful, especially if you are fighting from a disadvantaged position. While child custody cases are often decided by the court doing what is best for the child, there may be a built-up stigma against fathers in child custody cases. That is not to say that the legal system has a bias towards mothers in child custody cases, but it is possible that fathers have long been seen as mostly providing figures, while mothers are perceived as primary caregivers for their children. A Father’s rights can extend far past their right to be the primary caregiver, and they can include having a say in many aspects of a child’s upbringing, even if the father is not given custody of the child. Contacting a Tarrant County family lawyer can help you figure out what rights you are entitled to.

Who Will Have the Kid During Holidays?

Having quality time with your child is incredibly important, especially if you do not see them as much as you used to because of your divorce. It can be equally important for your child to see you if your quality time together has been reduced. If you are not the primary caregiver, holidays may be a great opportunity to spend time with your child. A father may have the right to see their child on major holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. While these visitation rights are often scheduled during divorce negotiations, you may want to have your visitation rights modified. Having a family law attorney can help you negotiate these changes to your visitation rights to ensure you and your child continue to bond well after your divorce is finalized.

Do I Have a Say in Raising My Child?

Getting a divorce may seem like the end of traditional parenting if you aren’t your child’s primary caregiver. Parenting is something that can be taken for granted, especially following a divorce. It is possible you may feel helpless when it comes to having a say in the parenting of your child following a divorce. However, you may have more rights than you think when it comes to parenting from afar. These rights can include having a say in a child’s care, including health care, education, and even the appropriate babysitter needed for your child. Other rights can include having a say in whether or not your child’s mother can move away with the child and how much child support you are paying. If you believe these rights aren’t being met, consult with a family lawyer to make sure your rights are restored.

Can a Family Lawyer Help Negotiate My Rights?

Navigating life after a divorce can be vastly different than your life before it. Some of the simple rights you believed were just a given can suddenly be threatened following a divorce. Making sure you know what rights you have as a father can not only benefit you and your state of mind, but can aid in the development of your child. The family lawyers at Hardy Law Group, PLLC are experienced with handling Father’s rights cases and can be a valuable ally to have when it comes to restoring and reinforcing your rights. Reach out to Hardy Law Group, PLLC at (817) 222-0000 for a free consultation that will get you on the path to cementing your rights as a father.