Getting a new job can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. New scenery may be good for your development, but getting used to new protocols, taking on new responsibilities, and working with new people can cause some level of stress. If you are a divorced parent, it may also be stressful to understand if you will be required to modify your child support payments. On the other hand, if you are the primary caretaker of a child receiving child support, can you ask for a modification to the child support? Depending on the circumstances, either party may be able to request for child support modification. An experienced child support modification lawyer can advise you on your rights to ask for a modification of your child support.

Can I Receive More Child Support If My Child’s Parent Gets a Higher Paying Job?

If you are the primary caretaker of a child from a divorce, it is possible to ask for a modification of child support if the child’s other parent is making more income as a result of a new job. Depending on the circumstances, a modification may be granted if it is found that your child can benefit from increased child support or if your child requires it for new medical expenses. The amount of child support that may be modified can depend on the amount of new income your child’s other parent now receives versus the amount they originally made when the child support agreement first came into place.

However, just because your child’s other parent is making more money does not necessarily guarantee you will be awarded more child support, especially if you seek a modification without proper legal guidance. A Family lawyer from Tarrant County may know how to maximize your chances of successfully modifying your child support and improving the quality of your child’s life.

Can I Ask For Child Support Modification if My New Job Pays Less?

Circumstances may dictate getting a new job that pays less than what you made when your child support was initially agreed upon. If you are stressed about possibly struggling to pay your child support effectively and still have the means to live, you may be entitled to a modification of your child support payments.

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With the changing nature of the job landscape, especially during these times, you may find your circumstances regarding child support changing. Whether you need more child support or a reduction to a fair amount, Hardy Law Group, PLLC can help negotiate a new agreement on your behalf. For a free consultation, call (817) 222-0000and speak with Hardy Law Group, PLLC today. The child support modification attorneys at Hardy Law Group, PLLC can make sure your child has enough resources to excel.