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Common Life Events That May Provoke Someone To Request A Name Change Include:
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Non-Traditional Name Adjustments with Marriage

Each situation involves verification and petitioning for your desired name. Whatever the circumstances, having your name legally changed requires a court order, and you may want an attorney to help guide you through the process.

An adult may request a name change at any time, which will then be subject to the court’s scrutiny. The court must be convinced that the requested change is made in the public’s interest. The court will want to consider any prior liabilities and preexisting rights that are associated with the name submitted for change.

Texas law requires specific information be included in a verified petition to the court for all name changes:
  • Full current name
  • Full requested name
  • Reason for seeking change
  • Sex and race
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license number
  • Any felony convictions or past offenses higher than a Class C misdemeanor
  • Fingerprint card
Filing For A Name Change After Divorce

If a party desires to change back to their maiden name after a divorce, they can ask for a provision in the divorce decree that legally grants the name change. Once a divorce decree is finalized as proof of the legal name change, all appropriate government agencies will need to be notified. To complete a name change after a divorce, the individual will need to update and address all licenses, social security cards, and other forms of identification.

Changing The Name Of A Child

A parent, managing conservator, or a guardian of a child may file a petition to change the child’s name in the county where the child resides. If a child is ten year of age or older, the court will require their written consent to the name change, too. You will then provide the prepared petition and verification documents at a court hearing where the judge may ask you a few questions concerning the desired name change.

If a new name is agreed upon by both parents, the court can grant the name change without much time or expense. However, if the parents do not agree, then the name must be decided in a contested hearing-this is where you may want to include an attorney in the process.

Legal Name Change Attorneys At Hardy Law Group, PLLC

Going through a legal name change is not uncommon practice, but complications can arise in the process. It is important to be thorough when undergoing a name change, whether it is related to a divorce or not. If you or a child is seeking a name change, contact our Dallas/Fort Worth Hardy Law Group, PLLC, office today for assistance from a name change attorney (817) 857-4111.

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