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Fathers’ Rights

Fathers filing for or responding to a suit for divorce face unique challenges. For years, the notion has existed that the court system is predisposed to favor the mother. While no such bias exists in the law (and indeed the courts have progressed to discourage such favoritism in practice), fathers are still often at a real or perceived disadvantage.

Who Gets Custody Of The Kids?

The standard in Texas for determining guardianship is the “best interest of the child” standard. In Texas, courts consider a parent who serves as a child’s primary or sole guardian to be the parent with primary custody.

Of course, both parties can agree upon guardianship. However, in high-conflict custody disputes, a judge will often have to make the decision. In such cases, it is important that a parent is proactive in demonstrating involvement with the children and the ability to provide a stable and nurturing home. This can be hard for a father to do if he is unable to hold down a steady job, is living in a messy home, or is facing false or inflated protective orders. The bottom line is that the judge wants the child to live in a safe and loving environment, and the lawyers at Hardy Law Group, PLLC, can help fathers prove that they are able to provide such an environment.

What Are Fathers’ Rights?

Due to the prevalence of mothers receiving full or chief custody, many fathers believe that the only rights that they can achieve are visitation rights. However, fathers can often gain many other important rights if they have the right legal guidance. These include

  • Deciding who can babysit the children or what daycare they attend;
  • Having the kids on major holidays;
  • Having a say in whether or not the mother can move away with the children;
  • Paying only a reasonable amount of child support;
  • Joint custody;
  • In cases where you can prove neglect by the mother, full custody.

Remember, the child’s mother cannot deny you your rights. If she tries, contact your family lawyer immediately. By and large, police can do little in such civil matters, but you can still get in trouble for attempting to take matters into your own hands.

Resources For Texas Fathers

Are you in the early stages of a divorce or custody case, child support dispute or paternity case? Or, maybe you are in the middle of what seems like an endless, bitter litigation. Are you facing false accusations of domestic violence or child abuse? Have you finally figured out that our legal system is not designed to protect your fathers’ rights or your childrens’ rights? If you are like most fathers you are probably asking, “Do fathers have any rights?” “Does anyone care about me?” “How can I protect my precious children?” “Where do I go for the answers?”

Fathers for Equal Rights

Fathers for Equal Rights is an association headquartered in Dallas with an office in Fort Worth. They offer several online resources and tips for fathers who are fighting for equal rights. You can also visit their offices for help with such things as discounted DNA testing and trial preparation.

Contact An Experienced Fathers’ Rights Attorney

Because of the father’s perceived/real disadvantage, you need to have an experienced Dallas/Fort Worth Fathers’ Rights Attorney on your side to argue your case. The attorneys at Hardy Law Group, PLLC, work hard to champion the rights of all clients – male or female. Rest assured that we will provide you with a level playing field and fierce representation of your legal interest. Furthermore, we’ll fight hard to protect your rights and ensure a fair outcome for you and your children.

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