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Child Custody Modifications

Custody & Visitation Negotiation

Under Texas law, it is possible to have a previous custody or visitation order modified. A parent must show the court that there has been a material and substantial change in circumstances for a modification to be considered. The attorneys at Hardy Law Group, PLLC, can help you provide the court with necessary evidence to keep your child safe.

Reasons For Modification

Texas law recognizes that both children and parents change, often leading to a need for a change in custody arrangements. Your custody arrangements may be modified when…

A) Both parties agree on changes that need to be made in custody,

B) The child, if 12 years or older, expresses a preference,

C) One of the parties relinquishes custody.

Material And Substantial Change In Circumstances

Custody modifications are often sparked by life events such as moving/relocating, changing jobs, medical conditions, remarriage, or general neglect on the behalf of one of a custodial parent. If the general circumstances under which the custody agreement was formed have changed, particularly to where they are no longer satisfying the needs of the child, this can be raised as cause for modifications.

If you need to modify a previous custody or visitation order in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, contact the Hardy Law Group, PLLC. If seeking modifications without agreement from the other parent, you will certainly want an experienced child custody lawyer to assist you through the process. Our lawyers have the crucial experience in negotiation and advocacy to help you achieve a successful custody modification. When a settlement is not possible, we are battle-tested, and ready to fight aggressively for our clients and their children.

Enforcement Of Child Custody And Modifications

When a custody modification is established, one parent may not be willing to follow through with the new ruling. This will often force the other parent into performing the highly frustrating and emotional task of going to court to fix the problem.

Courts in Texas have broad powers to remedy such situations by holding parents in contempt for failing to comply with a court order. The court can penalize a parent by imposing sanctions, awarding attorney’s fees, and ordering jail time.

Contact A Fort Worth Custody Modification Lawyer

When one parent denies the other custody or visitation rights, they are in violation of the law. However, taking matters into your own hands to rectify the situation can also be a violation of the law. The police can do little to nothing to help you in these matters. When you need custody modified, or when the other party isn’t following a court order, it’s important for you to hire an experienced family law attorney to quickly and effectively petition the court to enforce your rights.

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