Drug charges can be difficult to deal with, even as drug laws across the country continue to be relaxed or changed altogether. Having a drug charge does not mean you are guilty, but figuring out how to proceed through the legal process and clear yourself of any wrongdoing can be stressful and challenging. That stress can be even more burdensome if your drug charge revolves around a controlled substance. A controlled substance is another name for drugs that may contain addictive qualities. Controlled substances are separated by groups ranging from least harmful to most harmful. Each of these groups carries different legal penalties. The more harmful the controlled substance, the more harsh the penalty. But even if you were charged with possessing a controlled substance from the least harmful group, you should consult with an experienced Tarrant County drug crimes lawyer to guide you through the tricky process of clearing your name and proving your innocence.

Is Marijuana Considered a Controlled Substance?

While drugs come in all forms, some are deemed much more dangerous and addictive than others. For example, heroin, one of the drugs in the highest schedule group for controlled substances, is highly potent, addictive, and potentially deadly. On the other hand, one of the most widely used drugs in the country, marijuana, may have abusive properties but is not considered to be anywhere near as dangerous as other narcotics on the controlled substance list. In fact, marijuana is continuously becoming more readily and legally available across several states in America. However, in Tarrant County, marijuana is still considered a controlled substance, but it falls under its own categories of penalties. Consulting with a drug crimes lawyer may be beneficial if you are unsure where you stand on your drug charges.

How Many Grams Need to Be in My Possession To Be Charged?

Although it depends on the controlled substance you have been charged with possessing, there is not a minimum amount of a controlled substance that you are allowed to have. Anything less than a gram can still have you fined a certain amount or even have you sent to prison. If you believe your possession of a controlled substance charge is a misunderstanding or if you believe you were not in possession of a criminal amount of a controlled substance, an experienced Tarrant County drug crimes lawyer can help you map out your situation and clarify your information.

Can A Drug Crimes Lawyer Get My Case Dismissed?

Drug charges, no matter how big or small, deserve to be heard in court. Sometimes, the evidence that may be used against you is obtained illegally and you may have a chance to have your case dismissed. To maximize your chances of freedom, it may help to reach out to an experienced drug crimes law firm like Hardy Law Group, PLLC. The drug defense attorneys at Hardy Law Group, PLLC offer free consultations to hear your story and formulate your best course of action.