Divorce can be as difficult as any task a person has to go through in their lives. From letting go of emotions built up over time to the painful task of dividing property, divorces can be disheartening for many. One of the most difficult aspects of divorce can be the battle for child custody. Not knowing who will be the primary caregiver for your child can weigh on your mind long before and long after a divorce trial. There are many factors in deciding which parent will be the primary caregiver for a child. One factor may include the child’s preference of which parent they would prefer to live with. Talking to a Family law attorney in Fort Worth may give you an opportunity to explore your options and see what steps need to be taken to assure your child the best possible experience going forward.

Is My Child Old Enough To Decide Who They Want To Live With?

While going through a divorce, it is possible that both parties involved believe they are entitled to be the primary caregiver for their child. Some factors to consider when it comes to the child’s custody may include the proximity to the child’s primary health care, proximity to the child’s best option for education, and which parent’s finances and housing is better equipped to handle raising the child. Another factor to consider is the child’s preference. According to Texas Law, if a child is at least twelve years old, they may express their preference to be with one parent or the other to the court or judge. While this admission to preference does not mean whatever the child’s preference is will be granted, it will be taken into consideration by all the judging parties that must make a decision. Consulting with a Tarrant County child custody lawyer can make sure you understand your child’s rights as well as your own, in regards to your child’s future living environment.

Can My Child Choose Which Parent to Live With If They Are 18 Years Old?

While the court’s decision can be the ultimate deciding factor in your child custody hearing, the situation may be a bit trickier if your child is over the age of 18. If your child is over the age of 18 and expresses a preference to be with one parent over the other, the court may rule in favor of the preference, no matter the other surrounding circumstances. Having a Tarrant County child custody attorney by your side may help clarify any issues that may arise in court pertaining to the age of your child.

Can a Child Custody Attorney Help Win My Child Custody Case?

Raising a child is often seen as the most fulfilling part of having a family. Although divorce threatens that fulfillment and may alter the way you raise your child, you still have certain rights that will aid you in continued parenthood, even after a divorce. The lawyers at Hardy Law Group, PLLC are experienced in child support cases and can advise you every step of the way through your divorce process.