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Focused On Your Future The Hardy Law Group provides skilled legal representation in family law and criminal defense. Serving Fort Worth and surrounding counties.

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High Quality Family Law & Criminal Law Services

Hardy Law Group, PLLC, provides skilled legal representation in family law matters such as divorce as well as all matters of criminal defense. We work with clients throughout Fort Worth and all of Tarrant and surrounding counties.

If you need a family attorney, or you have been arrested, you need professional legal help. Because your rights are at stake, it is crucial to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Whatever the legal issue, you need an experienced attorney you can trust to achieve optimal results in your case.

Hardy Law Group, PLLC, of Fort Worth, Texas, is dedicated to helping individuals and families facing major life events. We understand that each case is unique, and we have extensive experience working the most complex cases as well as those that are relatively straightforward. We are trial attorneys, advocates and counselors, and we fight for citizens everyday. Whatever the case, the attorneys at Hardy Law Group, PLLC, have the compassion and experience necessary to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Why Hire Hardy Law Group, PLLC?

Facing an inevitable divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved and you and your spouse aren’t on the same page. Emotions can run extremely high during the process of divorce, clouding your ability to think clearly and make the choices that will ultimately have a huge impact on your life. Unfortunately, many people simply want the experience to be over and done with, and as a result they will hire a family law attorney without carefully selecting one, and will end up regretting many irreversible decisions.

The attorneys at Hardy law Group have the dedication and experience to take on whatever family law issue you’re facing, provide you with the careful and individualized attention you deserve, take the time to understand the unique set of circumstances surrounding your case, and ensure that you have the best chance of walking away from the divorce better off and better able to move forward with your life in Fort Worth, TX.

The following are just a few examples of the types of cases and family law matters that our attorneys are well-equipped to handle:

  • Divorce settlement agreements- These agreements are created with the help of a seasoned divorce attorney and are meant to clearly define the terms of a divorce settlement between you and your spouse, so that there is no room for confusion or ambiguity, and so that the process moves as smoothly as possible.
  • Dealing with matters of adoption- Not all family law attorneys are experienced when it comes to facilitating and finalizing adoptions, but our attorneys are. He will ensure that the process runs quickly, efficiently, and with as little stress as possible placed on you.
  • Uncontested divorces- Some people operate under the assumption that they won’t need a divorce attorney for an uncontested divorce in Fort Worth, TX, but having one will make the process a lot smoother, and take a significant amount of responsibility off of your shoulders.
  • Child custody arrangements- Determining an appropriate child custody arrangement can be a particularly difficult and emotionally challenging aspect of the divorce process, but the right child custody attorney in Fort Worth, TX will make sure that everything is done properly and in the best interest of the child or children involved.
  • Alimony and child support modification requests- Circumstances are likely to change at one point or another over the course of your and your ex-spouse’s lifetime, and that’s why post-divorce modifications are often necessary. Perhaps you need more child support due to a new medical issue your child is facing, or perhaps you’ve lost your job and can no longer provide the amount of alimony to which you previously agreed. Whatever the issue, Our attorneys are prepared to handle it.
  • Military divorces- Although the procedure for a divorce involving a member of the military is essentially the same as it is for anyone else seeking a divorce, there are some factors that will impact the process and outcome of the divorce. For example, the way in which military pension is divided will be a significant consideration, and is best handled with the assistance of a divorce attorney who has experience dealing with military divorces in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Domestic violence accusations and charges- Unfortunately, accusations of domestic violence can arise in the context of divorce and child custody disagreements, many of which can lead to charges of domestic violence. Whether you need to defend yourself against an allegation of domestic violence, or report an event of domestic violence, you will want an experienced domestic violence attorney in Fort Worth, TX by your side.

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Dealing With A Criminal Charge In Fort Worth, TX

Facing the threat of a criminal conviction can be scary, overwhelming, and difficult to process. With such serious consequences hanging in the balance, no one can afford to face criminal charges without a fiercely dedicated criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth, TX by their side. Everyone deserves the chance to build a defense against their accusers and protect their rights and freedoms as residents of Fort Worth, TX. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your charge, the attorneys at Hardy law Group will sit down with you one-on-one, listen to your side of the story, launch their own investigation into the case, and remain up front and honest about the strengths and limitations of your case. The following are just a few types of criminal cases our attorneys have experience defending:

  • DWI/DUI- Many people are surprised to learn of the many possible defenses to DWI/DUI charges. Consult with the attorneys at Hardy law Group, experienced DWI/DUI attorneys in Fort Worth, TX to determine which defense best suits the circumstances of your charge.
  • Felony charges- Felony convictions mark you for life, robbing you of countless employment and housing opportunities, as well as basic freedoms enjoyed by other members of society. Felony convictions should be avoided at all costs, which means ensuring that you have a strong criminal defense attorney fighting for you and defending the life you’ve built in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Sex crimes- Sex-related convictions are perhaps the most stigmatized of them all, forever altering a person’s reputation in the community and their relationships with their loved ones. If you’re facing possible conviction for a sex crime, you should immediately take action by contacting a sex crimes attorney in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Assault- In Fort Worth, TX, it is common for assault and battery to be charged simultaneously, but most people don’t even understand the important legal distinctions between the two. In order to fully understand and therefore defend against the charges you’re facing in Fort Worth, TX, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.
  • Drug possession/manufacturing and delivery- Drug charges can carry hefty penalties, and individuals can face charges even if they were only indirectly involved in the manufacturing and delivery process. Protect your rights with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Theft- The penalties for theft in Fort Worth, TX will depend on the value of the items stolen, and in part upon the specific details surrounding the incident. Contact a criminal defense attorney to gain a better understanding of what you’re likely to face if convicted of theft in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Probation violations- Probation violations are not to be taken lightly, as they can result in jail time and restoration of the initial punishment. Don’t let yourself be wrongly accused of violating the terms of your probation agreement in Fort Worth, TX; contact a criminal defense attorney who will carefully review your case and build an argument on your behalf.

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