Unmarried Parents

Child Custody, Support, Paternity and Visitation

Regardless of your marital status, parents with children will encounter many of the same legal questions encountered by married couples entering a divorce. Unmarried parents have important legal rights when it comes to their children. And often issues arise in the future that require the aid of an experienced family law attorney.

Issues that unmarried couples with children can face

In order to address these issues, parents will need to establish parental responsibilities and obligations. This can be done by filing an SAPCR (suit affecting parent-child relationship) which can outline conservatorship, visitation, and child support, and all other issues relating to a child's needs.

Attorney General Suits in Fort Worth & Dallas

If a parent is receiving public assistance, or, if a parent requests the office of the Attorney General for child support assistance, then the Attorney General may file an original SAPCR. If the parents are not married, the suit will include a request for the court to legally establish the child's biological father in the parent-child relationship. An original SAPCR suit may also be originated by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, commonly known as CPS. An order entered in either scenario is legally binding and enforceable by the parents.

Filing for Child Support or Enforcing Custody & Visitation in Fort Worth

Our attorneys understand the complexities involved in these cases and are committed to advancing the legal rights of you and your children. If you have a child and you need to file proceedings for child support, or if you are responding to a suit by a parent of a child, give us a call and schedule a free consultation at our Dallas/Fort Worth office today (817) 953-6265.