Uncontested Divorce

There are a number of factors that can affect a divorce here in Texas, the most important being the level of cooperation between spouses. Not all marriages are dissolved in a flurry of litigation. Sometimes a marriage simply fades until the spouses seek a peaceful dissolution of their marriage. If the spouses further agree on issues relating to custody, support and division of property, then the divorce is deemed uncontested. An uncontested, or "agreed" divorce, will be significantly less expensive and time-consuming. In fact, you may need only to go to court once to obtain the judge's signature.

Hardy Law Group, PLLC, helps couples and families in the Fort Worth area with a wide range of family law matters, including uncontested divorce. We can help walk you through the process, ensure that your individual and parental rights are protected, and finalize your divorce quickly and cost-effectively.

A Timeline For Uncontested Divorce

After a spouse retains the Hardy Law Group, PLLC, we will file an original petition for divorce in the county where the parties reside. To expedite the process, the other spouse may agree to sign a "Waiver of Service" which permits the case to proceed without the requirement for traditional service of court documents on that spouse. Our office will collect all information necessary, including any documents necessary to effectuate a division of marital property, which will then be used to draft a final decree of divorce.

After 60 days have elapsed, the divorce can be entered with the court and finalized. Generally, only one spouse need appear for a very short and informal hearing. Sometimes a judge will simply sign an "Agreed Final Decree of Divorce" without the need for any hearing. The signed final decree of divorce and all necessary supporting documents will be filed with the clerk. You will then receive a certified and final copy of your decree.

Are You Eligible For An Uncontested Divorce?

If the following applies to you, you may save considerable time and money on your divorce:

  • The spouses agree to the divorce;
  • The spouses agree on ALL issues, including child custody and property division (depending on your situation);
  • The spouses agree that only one side will have an attorney (while both may employ counsel, it is not necessary if all issues are agreed upon);
  • The spouses voluntarily agree to, and sign, a Final Decree of Divorce;

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