Military Divorce

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If you are in the military and seeking divorce, you will face various challenges not faced in a civilian divorce. A Texas military divorce involves specific state and federal rules. If your service time has required frequent relocation, you will want to assess certain factors to ensure the Texas court has jurisdiction over your divorce.

Military Divorce Challenges

Firstly, a military divorce may run on a different time table than a regular divorce if one of the parties is on active duty. When one spouse requests a divorce, a response is normally required within a certain amount of time. However, an exception may be made if the active service member wishes to request a "stay," which is essentially a delay on their response.

During the divorce, some unique challenges may also come with the division of military retirement benefits. There are several factors that go into determining what portion of an active military pension or retirement pension the (soon-to-be) ex-spouse will be entitled to after the divorce.

Considering Children in Military Divorces

Another potentially tricky subject in active military divorces is custody disputes. Deployment and relocation will be taken into consideration when looking into child support and custody decisions. You may consult an attorney on your military base in regards to these issues, but they cannot actually represent you in your divorce case. You will want an experienced family and divorce attorney to help you navigate these elements through mediation, collaboration, or court.

Factors that may influence the outcome of these variables in your military divorce:

  • Amount of time married while military spouse was active in duty
  • Relocations and deployments
  • Adjustments in military income
  • Benefit and savings plan eligibility of military spouse

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