LGBT Family Law

The attorneys at Hardy Law Group, PLLC, believe everyone deserves access to exceptional legal representation, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. However you define your family, our lawyers approach your legal needs with the care and attention every client deserves.

LGBT Marriage and Divorce Law

The LGBT legal arena is an evolving one. Like many social issues of the past, acceptance and perception in our country has evolved, and with it significant judicial and legislative advancements in equality. The United States Supreme Court in 2015 issued its landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, formally declaring same-sex marriage legal in all states.

With this fundamental right, of course, comes the right to also formally dissolve those marriages. Prior to this decision, couples who married in a state recognizing same-sex marriage could not seek a divorce in Texas. Now, any couple can marry (or divorce) anywhere in the country.

Same-Sex Couple Adoption

This new ruling also lends itself to the recognition of same-sex couples as married, making it easier for them to adopt. But adoption is a tricky process that requires an experienced LGBT family lawyer's guidance. There are a few different forms of adoption that LGBT couples or singles may seek...

Second Parent Adoption is when one partner in a same-sex couple seeks to adopt other partner's biological or adopted child. These adoptions can occur with married and unmarried couples. In Joint Adoption, both partners in the same-sex couple seek to adopt a child together. Or, an individual may seek a Single Parent Adoption, adopting a child without a partner. Our attorneys at Hardy Law will assess the adoption circumstances and help you proceed accordingly.

LGBT Family Law Practice Areas

Every family is special and we are committed to meeting your family's legal needs. The Hardy Law Group, PLLC, stays up to date on laws and procedures to help our clients face the unique challenges common in this area of law. Our attorneys are experts in all areas of LGBT family law, including:

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