High Net Worth Divorce

We understand that every divorce involves a series of difficult emotional challenges. However, marriage is also an arrangement that is much like a business partnership where finances and assets can add up to a complicated portfolio of assets, stocks, retirement accounts and even other unique assets of value like art. The discovery process for dividing assets takes time, and there is additional stress of making sure your parental and personal rights are protected under the laws.

Hardy Law Group, PLLC, has extensive experience working with couples with complicated finances living in Fort Worth and surrounding Tarrant County. When need be we can consult financial experts and accountants to go through the portfolio of assets; nevertheless, we understand a spreadsheet as well as the value of things that are tangible and intangible.

What You Need To Consider

Complicated lives often mean complicated divorces. Here are some matters a couple needs to consider in their high asset divorce:

Asset protection: Each side is legally bound to include all assets, but there are certain steps that can be made to ensure access to or protection of certain assets.

Privacy: Litigation means going to court, which is a public forum. While some documents can be sealed at the discretion of the court, the media or others may petition the court to open these documents.

Case management: A skilled attorney can handle all the details of a complicated divorce, letting you focus on running your business, doing your job or managing your family.

Keeping your business: Businesses built during a marriage are often marital property, and sometimes the couple may even be business partners. We can help value the business or restructure it.

Custody: Busy professionals and others with inconsistent work schedules often need addition guidance to create a workable family plan.

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