Divorce Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is widely used in family and divorce cases in Texas as an alternative to litigation. The process involves meeting with a neutral party, the "mediator," and working towards a mutually beneficial agreement. The parties, their attorneys (if applicable), and the mediator discuss the goals and positions of each party. The parties decide on possible solutions and then enter into and sign an enforceable agreement.

Mediation Benefits

There are several benefits of mediation that can make it more desirable than its alternatives.

1. The process takes place out of court, in a much less formal and less intimidating environment.

2. An experienced mediator will be adept at creating a cooperative climate that promotes constructive communication and realistic goals, bringing the parties to agreement in less time.

3. Since the mediator brings a neutral presence, it allows each side a chance to be heard, express emotions, and identify concerns.

The goal is to discuss realistic solutions and seek a fair result for both parties. The spouses can decide if they would like to bring attorneys, accountants, or other professionals into the mediation sessions to help resolve disputes or provide clarification.

Cost of Divorce Mediation

Mediation can be quick, many times lasting only half a day or one day. For this reason, mediation can be cost-effective and potentially save the parties thousands otherwise spent on litigation and trial. For a better idea on the cost of hiring a mediating attorney, call the Hardy Law Group, PLLC, or fill out the contact form.

Consulting a Fort Worth Attorney

Couples who chose to use the mediation process have a high success rate with settlement and agreement. However, a mediated settlement agreement is binding and cannot be revoked by one party. If undergoing the mediation process, you can consult an experienced family lawyer to ensure that all your rights and interests are protected in the settlement.

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