Criminal Law FAQ

Here is a collection of some of the questions commonly heard during our free initial consultation.

What should I do if I am detained or arrested?

You should be respectful and compliant. If you are arrested and questioned about your case, the best policy is to politely refuse to answer any questions that may incriminate you. Politely decline any request for your consent to perform any search, test or procedure. Call the Hardy Law Group, PLLC to retain legal representation.

What is Bail?

Bail is money paid to a court to authorize the release of an arrested suspect from jail. An arrestee is released from jail and is expected to report to court as directed (or satisfy some other pre-trial conditions) or forfeit the bail. If forfeited, a warrant is usually issued. The amount of the bail is generally set depending on the nature of the offense, the individual's criminal history, and other factors. In certain cases bail is denied.

What is a Bail Bondsman?

A bondsman is a person that agrees to post a person's bond. By agreeing to pay the bail, the bondsman acts as a surety for the appearance of the person's appearance in court. The bondsman will charge a percentage of the bail amount as payment for his service (generally around 10 – 20%). The bondsman's fee is not refundable.

What is a cash bond?

An arrested person may elect to avoid using a bondsman and pay the entire amount of the bail set on his case. This is referred to as a cash bond. Despite the name, Tarrant County accepts only money orders or cashier's checks for payment. Generally a cash bond is refunded to a defendant at the conclusion of the case. The Hardy Law Group, PLLC, accepts cash bond assignments as partial payment for attorney's fees. Call now to see how this could benefit you.

Can my case be dismissed?

It depends on what type of crime you are charge with, the facts of your case, as well as other factors. Call our office to see if your case might be eligible. Know the truth – not all criminal offenses can be dismissed. No attorney can make that promise without knowing anything about your case or speaking with the prosecutor.

What is probation?

Probation is a type of punishment granted by the court. You must be eligible for probation before it is granted. It carries with it various terms and conditions that must be followed. An individual will be expected to complete these conditions at the instruction of the court and his or her probation officer. Typical conditions include reporting once a month to an officer, community service, rehabilitative classes, monthly fees, and sometimes random drug tests. Serving punishment on probation permits you to work and go about daily life as usual. Of course the primary benefit of probation is that it allows you to avoid jail. Depending on the type of case, a probationer's case may be dismissed upon successful completion of probation.

What is Labor Detail?

Labor Detail is a type of punishment. It is essentially a jail sentence; however, instead of going to jail, a defendant will work for Tarrant County at the direction of the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office. Generally, you will be expected to check in and work at a minimum of one day per week. Labor Detail will result in a conviction, but will allow you to avoid jail and a lengthy probationary period.

Can I get this off my record?

This depends on several factors. The most important factors are what you are charged with and how your case is disposed of. The Hardy Law Group, PLLC will work hard to tailor the best defense to allow you to petition the court to either destroy or seal your record. Call my office to discuss your situation.

Do you offer payments plans?

Yes. Quality legal representation should be affordable. We offer flexible payments plans. A reasonable down payment or retainer gets me working for you. We are willing to work around your financial situation.